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About Us

Health Care Services in Gwynn Oak, Maryland

Caring for seniors is a labor of love and requires a special person.

Who We Are

Amazing Care Health Services LLC is a residential service agency committed in providing Level 3 (RSA) Skilled Nursing Services, Nurse Staffing, DDA Services, Pediatric Services, Non-Skilled Nursing Care Services, Business Consulting Services, Mental Health, Therapeutic Services, and Substance Use and Drug Addiction Counseling in Maryland.

Amazing Care Health Services, being a dependable provider of health care services in Gwynn Oak, Maryland, is committed to providing its services to hospitals, doctor’s offices, schools, group homes, nursing homes, daycare centers, and assisted living facilities.

Amazing Care Health Services is a licensed mental health facility that offers residential services, PRP services, and mental health outpatient clinic services.

Amazing Care Health Services LLC is a licensed DDA provider and also provides Pediatric Nursing Services. Amazing Care Health Services LLC is also an accredited mental health provider with CARF International.

At Amazing Care Health Services LLC, your home care needs are our priority. We know that living independently is an option for everyone. We provide the assistance that makes it possible. A Registered Nurse (RN) is available to meet with each new client to assess the level of care needed. RN oversight is provided throughout the course of care to ensure your personal objectives are exceeded.

Amazing Care Health Services LLC is committed to its mission of exceeding the needs and expectations of our clients. We pride ourselves on matching the right caregiver based on the special needs, interests, and personal preferences of the client. We understand that the relationship between a client and caregiver is one of trust, respect, compassion, and confidentiality.

Our responsive staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to accommodate your request for home health care services.

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Dr. Stella Epey CEO/Owner

The owner of Amazing Care Health Services, Dr. Stella Epey, has 18 years of experience in the healthcare industry and is an experienced female entrepreneur…

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Licensed In The Following Areas:

  • Licensed as a 3.3 Residential service provider by BHA and accreditated by CARF International.
  • Licensed as a Nurse staffing Provider by OHCQ.
  • Licensed as a Level 3 RSA service provider by OHCQ.
  • Licensed as a DDA provider by the Department Of Developmental Disability Administration.
  • Licensed as a DDA service provider by OHCQ.
  • Licensed as an Outpatient Mental Health Clinic by BHA and accreditated by CARF International.
  • Licensed as a PRP provider by BHA and accredited by CARF International.
  • Licensed as a 3.1 Residential service by BHA and accreditated by CARF International.
  • Licensed as an Assertive Community Treatment provider by BHA and accreditated by CARF International.
  • Licensed as a Substance Abuse Treatment provider of OP, IOP,& PHP by BHA and accredited by CARF International.

Our Mission

Amazing Care Health Services LLC is dedicated to the community it serves by providing case management services to adults and minors and support services for families and raising public awareness of the need of at-risk youth in the community. Our services are designed to strengthen and increase self-esteem, self-respect, and respect for others in society, promote health, and address issues relating to improving the quality of their lives.

Our mission is to support those who need our help and to restore them to the path of wellness, recovery, and stability.

Our Vision

Our vision is to strive and commit to excellence and quality health care to respect and provide confidentiality, privacy, and security to all individuals without discrimination of race, color, or ethnic origin. We are striving to impact and touch lives through the amazing care we provide to individuals in need of care in our community (the metropolitan region). We provide quality care opportunities at an affordable rate, delivering the terrific, positive, and prestigious care that the human race deserves.

We pride ourselves on giving the best help to elderly citizens so they can age gracefully with the care they deserve by making a difference like no other with professionalism and comforting hands.

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Our Values

Person-Centered: We affirm the worth, capacity, and contributions of all people and treat everyone with dignity and respect. We promote self-advocacy and advocate for full human rights and participation in the community. We offer education and support to make informed choices. We value working together and using our diverse talents and experiences to support individuals in leading self-directed and full lives.

Our Philosophy

Amazing Care Health Services’ philosophy is strongly guided by the belief that individuals with disabilities also deserve a good quality of life like everyone else. They deserve the right to live life according to their preferences. Our agency’s task is to ensure that individuals served are safely guided and supported while they make their own choices for them to achieve enriched and fulfilling lives with dignity and respect.

Is It Time For Senior Living?

We’re here to help!
  1. Start Important Conversations. We’re here to help by providing care, security, and companionship for the elderly.
  2. Discover What Care You May Need. We offer skilled nursing services at all of our locations with the help of our professionally trained nursing staff.
  3. Further Research. We give seniors the confidence to remain independent in a professionally managed environment.

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